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Shedding The Tear of Loss

Gothic grave

We are in a funeral… I see someone I know. She is a friend of Mama’s. She is Rosaline. A devotee of the Holy Ghost faith. She is busy, busy washing utensils. I walk past her and smile. She smiles back…

I’m in a “matatu” ‘’a public service vehicle.’’ I’m dressed in a custom-made company shirt. It is white with blue cuffs protruding longer than my blue slim fit blazer’s.

I alight at bus station. To darkness. Blur and nothingness.

I’m back at the funeral. I don’t see my blazer anymore, but I can feel flip-flops under my feet.




“Ken, Churchill has been shot in the stomach. He bleeds a lot. He’s lost physical strength” A female voice delivered the bad news. Her voice filled with terror and tremors that sent shivers down my spine, sparking a sickening confusion within me – a stomach filled with hot boiling intestinal ribbons, or was it a drench of diarrhoea, debugging? I don’t know.