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Best phones under KES – 30,000


In case you missed it, yesterday we sampled some of the best laptops available in Kenya and promised to give more reviews on other humanly basic products. For all it is worth, we agreed that the Refurbished Elitebook 820 – Intel Core i5 – 12.5” – 500 GB – 4GB remains the best laptop selling in the range of KES 30,000 and below, didn’t we?  


The Daughter of my Father

African woman

I believe in God, the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth… He will come again to judge the living and the dead…

Frank peered through the crevices on the cracked walls, of the dusty neglected room where the middle aged woman declaimed the apostle’s creed in pious devotion. She was on her knees. Palms open as if asking for divinity or maybe, for a considerable amount of the Holy Spirit to help vent her hunger on a demon she disdained.



“Ken, Churchill has been shot in the stomach. He bleeds a lot. He’s lost physical strength” A female voice delivered the bad news. Her voice filled with terror and tremors that sent shivers down my spine, sparking a sickening confusion within me – a stomach filled with hot boiling intestinal ribbons, or was it a drench of diarrhoea, debugging? I don’t know.

The Initiation


Kapsoit town is green with grass, trees, weeds and most notably, tea plantations. The air around smells of fresh rain and the sky holds a dark loose cloud, awaiting a trigger by wild winds from the south, for downpour. The town has noticeable wood houses harboring various informal businesses; a man roasts maize under a Britam Insurance branded umbrella, another hawks sweets on a hand woven basket; his cloth is wet by drizzles and his teeth are bigger than his mouth can cover. There is an old woman in the middle of the busy Nairobi highway holding a bucket full with cheap energy drinks. She is ignorant of the road safety rules. Do not stand in the middle of the road! And she certainly doesn’t know that the dotted continuous yellow lines mean motorists can overta