How to get anyone’s corporate email address in 30 seconds

Get anyone's e-mail address here

If you are working in a sales department or working on scaling your business with a focus of targeting the right person – the decision maker, then this article is for you. Did you know that in a few simple steps, you could get anyone’s email address without dropping a rivulet of sweat? Well, you can! And here’s how…

My Preferred Asian Short-Haul Holiday Destinations



Until yesterday I thought Zanzibar was the only place I hadn’t visited. I kept it on the side of the heart where only love resides. I dreamt about it. I envisioned myself walking late in the evening, alone, on its sandy beaches.

I fantasied about its turquoise blue waters, its shallow sandbars and its tiny fishing villages.

But that’s before I google Asian travel destinations and found Patong of Thailand.

10 fun activities you didn’t know happen in Kenya

Paragliding in Kenya

When Kenya is sold to the outside world, it comes out as an excellent safari destination. A land of the Maasai people (that’s minus the 42 other tribes); a land of cattle and sheep and goats and men syphoning animal blood with straws, direct into their throats.

A land of great woodlands, sieged with wild animals. A land where you wouldn’t walk for 5 minutes and not meet dik diks, hyenas, antelopes and the Tanzanian cheetah – all walking together in harmony, except when the meat eaters are hungry.

To that showcase of greatness, I salute magical Kenya. However, Kenya has a sacred list of other magical activities you should check out…

Best Real Estate Agents in Kenya

Real estate companies in Kenya

Did you know that for 100K you could buy a prime piece of land in Kenya? Unknown to many Kenyans, there are lots of counties where land still retails for very low prices. Question is, are they genuine parcels? And if they are, are they in prime positions? In this article we list some highly regarded real estate agents/property managers who you can trust and grow your investments with.

To begin with;