10 fun activities you didn’t know happen in Kenya

Paragliding in Kenya

When Kenya is sold to the outside world, it comes out as an excellent safari destination. A land of the Maasai people (that’s minus the 42 other tribes); a land of cattle and sheep and goats and men syphoning animal blood with straws, direct into their throats.

A land of great woodlands, sieged with wild animals. A land where you wouldn’t walk for 5 minutes and not meet dik diks, hyenas, antelopes and the Tanzanian cheetah – all walking together in harmony, except when the meat eaters are hungry.

To that showcase of greatness, I salute magical Kenya. However, Kenya has a sacred list of other magical activities you should check out… Continue reading “10 fun activities you didn’t know happen in Kenya”


10 World-class Hotels in the Lakeside City of Kisumu, Kenya


The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.

A great quote there by George Bernard Shaw. But, while you may be convinced that taking a trip will guarantee some calm from home noises – the meow of cats, the barking of dogs and the squeaking of your 2 year old daughter’s broken bicycle wheels; if you don’t plan well for accommodation, your trip may turn out to be more a flaming hell than home was. Worse, if you make blind bookings only to walk into a hot hotel room without air-conditioning, with old ragged nets, musty beddings, blocked toilets, smelling of cold and mist and draining/peeling wall paints.

Is that what you’d like to escape home to? No? That’s what I thought. Continue reading “10 World-class Hotels in the Lakeside City of Kisumu, Kenya”

The Lakeside City

The Lakeside City
Photo by Ondari Ogega

Kisumu is a lovely planet.

Lonely I’d say if it wasn’t hugged by long arms, of hills, further curving its horizon into a circle. Hills longer than its iconic buildings go close to the sky.

I sit at an edge table in Tuff foam mall. The roof top. The open restaurant. Not the laughing Buddha. The other ones. The cheap ones. You already know where this building is… It stands along ‘BABY SAMANTHA PENDO’ Avenue. Baby Pendo because a few months ago we changed the fucking street name from Kenyatta Ave. Did you see us on TV? Pushing through barricades with songs and sweat and blood and gore? Did you?  Did you see us fighting the police for justice? Continue reading “The Lakeside City”

Our Next Stop, Tsavo



Tsavo We spend the night in Panalis Resort, Mwatate Town, Taita – Taveta County, south of Tsavo East National park.

It is a quaint resort with lots of facilities to enjoy — a tennis court, a hiking spot, outdoor pool, designated smoking area, rental bicycle services – among other services, but it is neither of this brilliant customer acquisition and retention service techniques that make me swear to never be unfaithful to Panalis, whenever in Taita – Taveta; it is their Wi-Fi — Strong and reliable. And the scenic view of mountains from its broad room windows. Continue reading “Our Next Stop, Tsavo”

A Dance with Samburu Butterflies

At the gates of Ngare Mare and Buffalo Springs, a bush footed butterfly dances, slowly, dancing — forward, dancing —excitedly, flapping its wings — ahead of us, swirling itself, above the dry dusty roads and the hot springing air.
He is a common path finder, a welcomer, playful and cheery. Albeit he doesn’t know his importance in this community. It is his species general name that the community bears for identification. With pride, of pride and pride in a dialect so rapid and spawn; of a unique culture and nature and respect and happiness, Samburu/Butterflies (In Masai) or people of color (Not in a racist kind of way but to applaud and give credit to the Samburu colorful regalia).

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