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The Daughter of my Father

African woman

I believe in God, the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth… He will come again to judge the living and the dead…

Frank peered through the crevices on the cracked walls, of the dusty neglected room where the middle aged woman declaimed the apostle’s creed in pious devotion. She was on her knees. Palms open as if asking for divinity or maybe, for a considerable amount of the Holy Spirit to help vent her hunger on a demon she disdained.


Sun Over Beach

photographic-2778110_1280It is Irma’s fourth day in the oldest, coastal town of Kenya. She stands lazy in the crowded Pirate’s beach. Neither envious of the unending fun everyone is having, nor astounded by it. She has visited all places recommended by her travel agent and done everything she planned for, over her stay here. Everything she googled and titled, ‘things to do while in Mombasa,’ in her tiny notebook.

Because You Loved Me

“Linda found a new life, with a new man, with whom they now have cute nonidentical twins – Jerry and Joey,”
“Mark died in prison while serving his term for the attempted murder of his wife.”
“Njeru is never heard of. At least, not as frequently as he popped up on Linda and Mark’s conversations; however, a few people who have recently seen him say that he has reformed and now works as a janitor in a beautiful home. In the city. In Lavington or is it Runda? All speculations however remain vague.