Best Real Estate Agents in Kenya

Real estate companies in Kenya

Did you know that for 100K you could buy a prime piece of land in Kenya? Unknown to many Kenyans, there are lots of counties where land still retails for very low prices. Question is, are they genuine parcels? And if they are, are they in prime positions? In this article we list some highly regarded real estate agents/property managers who you can trust and grow your investments with.

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Best cars to buy for KES 500,000 and lower: in Kenya

Used cars in Kenya
Toyota cars

There are lots of cheaper car options available in Kenya, in the price range of 200 and 500 thousand Kenyan Shillings. This is a sure thing. But the most common question is, what do I need to look for in determining if a second hand purchase is worth my while?

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The Best Law firms in Kenya

Law court

Once, twice or sometimes for a lifetime (God forbid) you will find yourself in shit that needs the intervention of a lawyer for bailouts. It happens. When that time comes, use this list to get the best lawyer in town. You can also recommend the it to your friends.

And note that all the names and contacts are public information of some of the most sought advocates in Kenya. All ranking 5 star in their websites. Here we go…

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