Discover Memorable Tourist Attractions Around Lake Victoria

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How soon are you planning to visit Kisumu? Do you have some very nice places in mind to explore? If No then this article is for you. If Yes but you’d still like to know more about The Lake Region, continue reading. Because in this guide we will detail some hidden yet highly regarded tourist attractions around Lake Victoria.

Let’s begin with a brief History of the Lake, shall we?

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria (Nam Lowe in Luo) is Africa’s Largest lake, The World’s Second Largest Fresh Water Lake and The World’s Largest Tropical Lake. It was first documented in 1858 by a British Explorer John Hanning Speke and named after queen Victoria. Lake Victoria is solely drained by River Nile in Jinja Uganda.


For decades Lake Victoria has been the pride of the Luo Community. The main source of livelihood and wealth for some, a mystery for others and a unifying factor for them all. It is from fishing in Lake Victoria that the community get’s its identity (fishermen). Besides fishing, modern Luo’s and the other communities (now settling in the region) have come up with greater ways to earn income; like boat-riding services, tour guide services (around the lake) and agricultural farming and expedition.

Things to do Around Lake Victoria 

Visit Impala Park and Sanctuary 

The park is set on the shores of lake Victoria. In a 0.34 sq Kilometers piece of tranquil land. Slopping green with wildlife and birds shrubs and trees which shade to the shores of the calm fresh water Lake. Victoria. Inside the park expect to see free ranging herds of Impalas, Zebras, and Vervet Monkeys.

Free ranging herds of impalas around Lake Victoria
Herd of antelopes at Impala Sanctuary Kisumu

On a more serious and scariest side is the orphanage which hosts Lions, Cheetahs and the other big cats. When you visit Kisumu, find time for Impala park. It is relaxing and enjoyable with the entire family. My personal favorite spot is the railway breaking point slopping into the shrubs to the lake.

Kisumu National Museum

At Kisumu Museum the possibilities of adventure are endless. Besides the Western Kenya scientific and cultural heritage display, any visitor can easily get their nirvana from the striking display of reptiles and amphibians collected within the western Kenya block (Nyanza and Western Provinces).

The icing on the cake is the ancient Luo community way of life; their traditional Homesteads and other Luo Artifacts.

The Kisumu Museum has a cool environment for lost of activities including seminars, weddings, camping, name it…

Kisumu National Museum at the Shores of Lake Victoria

Simbi Nyaima

If you are a fun of Myths and Legends then you have probably read or heard about some of the World’s Greatest, sunken cities. Like the city of Atlantis in Greece, The Bay of Cambay in India, Port Royal in Jamaica or the Great Cleopatra Kingdom in Alexandria Egypt. Well, here in Kenya, Nyanza Province, Kisumu region – at the shores of Lake Victoria we have our own legendary – the legend of Simbi Nyaima (A sunken Village).

As the Luo story goes, the people of Simbi were celebrating their success at the chief’s home. An old woman appeared looking for food and shelter. Unfortunate to everyone, the chief threatened to beat her up if she didn’t walk her stinking self out of the party.

They threw her out. The story ends when a sympathizer gives her food and a warm bath. When she is leaving, she (the old woman) advises the kind lady to leave the village with her husband and children for not so long after, their is a heavy storm that will sweep away the entire Village.

To her word, the village was marred with a heavy storm and it sunk. What was left is now a Crater Lake. Lake Kanyaboli. I dare you to visit Kisumu and not find time for this tourist attraction.

Luanda Magere

Talk of Hercules, Samson of the Bible, Shaka Zulu of Zulu Kingdom; we talk of Luanda Magere. Have you ever heard of him? His name is legendary and his body is his legacy. He is believed to have walked the shores of Lake Victoria. A fierce Man. A real worrier. A man of war.

He was a legend, he died in battle and his body is believed to have transformed into a huge stone. The Lawanda Magere Stone of Sidho. Read more about the Legend in “Lwanda Magere” – a Luo Folklore by Okoiti Omtatah.

If you are a woman and you want to give birth to a strong man who will stand the test of time, a god, go touch the Lwanda stone when in Kisumu. Hehe..

Lwanda of Lake Victoria region
The Invincible Warrior

Rusinga Island

Have I already mentioned that Lake Victoria has very many irresistibly beautiful beaches along it’s shores? Have I? One such beach is the Rusinga beach along Rusinga island, in the middle of lake Victoria. It is accessible through Mbita Mainland.

Rusinga Island and SPA calls the surrounding area; a place of infinite beauty. I don’t doubt any word in that statement. Neither should you. Because, who wouldn’t love to relax by the lake, in the evening – admiring the red ball of the West Kenyan Sun – set with opulence; opulence of wide orange embers striking and sinking far into oblivion; sinking deep down Lake Victoria. Down in a far away land. A land we can not see from the beaches of Rusinga. The end of Earth.

Rusinga Island in Lake Victoria
Rusinga Island – Photography By: Wanjiku    Thuo & Marion Mithamo.

There are very many other places of interest in Kisumu which you would want to visit. Talk of : –

Kit Mikayi

Hippo Point

Winam Gulf

Ruma National Park

Ndere Island

Maboko Island

Kibuye Cathedral.

If you ask me more info about these places, I’ll say that the attractions can be visited by couples, family or for team building. Should you need more info about The Things To Do around Lake Victoria or in Western Kenya, drop me a mail at

The Great Rift Valley View Point