6 Must Visit Tourist Attraction Sites in Kenya

This article first appeared on Ouya Ojeje

Kenya has uncountable tourist attraction destinations. Some conveniently located within cities, other remote but accessible. It is those remote places that I love and get my nirvana from. In this article we list some of the Most Popular tourist attraction in Kenya.

  1. Visit Hell’s gate National Park

At Hell’s gate National park, there are lots of activities to participate in and enjoy (Alone or with the entire family). To begin with, you can join other visitors on Nature trail walks, and explore Zebras, Giraffes and Elands on foot. Or hike, bike or laze under the blue Naivasha sky, on the park’s grassland.

Hells Gate National Park - Naivasha, Kenya
Hell’s Gate
  1. Lake Naivasha: Boat Riding And Other Fun Activities

Stand at the shores of Lake Naivasha and find relaxation focusing on its unending insignificant ripples. Later you can get on board, in a boat and take a peaceful ride admiring the spectacular ecosystem – of the huge water body hugged at shore by wild grass and a colony of cacti trees. In the evening, take shots of the African Sun fading into oblivion – leaving behind a faded orange opulence. If you are looking for the best place to stay over your visit, Burch’ Resort is the most convenient place. It boarders the lake and has some beautifully independent cottages worth paying every dime for.

Boat ride in Lake Naivasha
Lake Naivasha
  1. Take the Party to The Top of Mount Longonot

Imagine that it is the year 1860 – A Maasai herdsman walks in the fields of Olongonot – grazing and whistling. A few hour ago he siphoned a horny bull’s blood and drunk for lunch. It is evening. His herd begin to act weird. They moo ans stamp their feet on the ground. They begin to run helter-skelter. Did I already mention that he herdsman’s name is Ero? He thinks that it is a Lion and he swears to kill it if any of the cattle gets lost. Don’t doubt  his intentions for a second. He is a Maasai warrior. He will kill it! But don’t be fooled. This is no ordinary Lion. He comes with the earth quake and rains of fire.The plain fields elevate to form a huge mountain spewing lava. Ero runs never to be seen again… Hehe…

Rift Valley Mount Longonot
Mount Longonot

On a serious note, Mount Longonot is believed to have erupted last in 1860 in a land that was anciently Maasai’s. There is no sign that it can erupt again over the Century. Should you visit Naivasha, hike to its peak without any fear. Take your party to its mouth. Btw, Olongonot means mountain of many spurs in Maasai.

  1. Drive to The rift Valley View Point In Iten

If you thought you had seen the best of The Great Rift valley by flocking along Mai Mahiu – Nakuru Highway haven’t seen anything yet. To solve that riddle, drive through the snaky roads of Kalenjin to the the Great Rift Valley View Point in Iten and look down to marvel at that uncategorized wonder. See the Great Rift beauty from an elevated point.

Rift Valley View Point Iten
Rift Valley View Point in Iten
  1. Be Part Of the Spectacular Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara

It is June again, good things are happening. In Europe, Summer begins and in Kenya, Africa; this is the month of courting, mating and birthing for the wild animals. They come in millions from Serengeti, Tanzania; fleeing from hunger, the scorch of the sun and hunt by the Tanzanian Cheetah – but fall prey right into the jaws of the Mara Crocodiles. It is an amazing action but, the ecosystem is not complete without tourists. To be part of Mara Madness make your booking through Uberma Safaris and be flown in from Nairobi, like a King, into the best of the Mara Hotels. The Sarova Tent Camp Mara.

The Great Wildebeest Migration – Lotus Blanc Photography
The Great Wildebeest Migration – Lotus Blanc Photography
  1. Explore Amboseli National Park

At Amboseli National park you will walk the same path as Elephants or even go close to them. The main spectacle is however, seeing the dried bed of Lake Amboseli; being part of the woodlands and the Savannah and the entire ecosystem; listening keenly to the sounds of birds in the fields and feeling at home with the dik diks and the other animals in the wild. From Amboseli you can also see Africa’s tallest peak – Mount Kilimanjaro or touch the sulfur spring wetlands of the wild.

Amboseli National Park Kenya,Awesome Nature
Amboseli National Park Kenya,Awesome Nature
This article first appeared on this website – Ouya Ojeje