How to get anyone’s corporate email address in 30 seconds

Get anyone's e-mail address here

If you are working in a sales department or working on scaling your business with a focus of targeting the right person – the decision maker, then this article is for you. Did you know that in a few simple steps, you could get anyone’s email address without dropping a rivulet of sweat? Well, you can! And here’s how…

Thank me later.

Step 1

  • Go to LinkedIn and search for the name of the company which interests you.
  • You will get a redirect with the number of people who work for the company e.g 10 employees
  • Click on the employee number and you will see their names and departments.
  • Pick your person of interest. Example: Kenn Omollo – Writer –

(LinkedIn search – Abisae.Africa.Stories > 1 employee > Click on it to find Kenneth Omollo – Writer)

Hang in there…

Step 2

  • Open a new window and type this domain –
  • Sign up for free
  • Enter “CONPANY OF INTEREST” Domain e.g

Hunter will show you the email format of that company – e.g or

#depending on the email format shown, pick your person of interest’s name and join with the domain

e.g OR

There you have it.

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