10 fun activities you didn’t know happen in Kenya

Paragliding in Kenya

When Kenya is sold to the outside world, it comes out as an excellent safari destination. A land of the Maasai people (that’s minus the 42 other tribes); a land of cattle and sheep and goats and men syphoning animal blood with straws, direct into their throats.

A land of great woodlands, sieged with wild animals. A land where you wouldn’t walk for 5 minutes and not meet dik diks, hyenas, antelopes and the Tanzanian cheetah – all walking together in harmony, except when the meat eaters are hungry.

To that showcase of greatness, I salute magical Kenya. However, Kenya has a sacred list of other magical activities you should check out…

1. Sky Diving in Diani Beach Kenya.

Sky diving
Diani Beach Skydivers

As many travelers attest, the Kenyan coastline is friendlier than most. See what Diani Chief Sky diving instructor says, “The beaches are breathtaking and the calm sea waters protected by the reefs have an indescribable color when you look at them from above. I jumped with some friends in 2013 and knew that we had to create a permanent place to skydive.”

Since, sky diving has had a permanent home in Kenya. Is this your kind of activity, get in touch with the Diani skydiving team on +254701300400.

2. Paragliding in Kerio Valley

Paragliding in Kenya

Paragliding is a sport in which a wide canopy resembling a parachute is attached to a human body by a harness in order to allow them to glide through the air. As early as 2010 paragliding had stamped feet in Kenya – in Kijabi, Machakos and Eldoret towns. However, the activity is highly dependent on the weather and heights. At 1000 meters elevation, Kerio valley is just the perfect place. You can reach the organizers at fly-kenya.com for when you want to grow wings and fly.

3. Ice skating in Panari Hotel Nairobi  

Ice skating

Panari Hotel has the only solar ice rink in East Africa with a skating surface area of 15,000 square feet. The area is enclosed to accommodate 200 skaters under -25oC temperatures. If you are looking for indoor entertainment in East Africa, maybe this is a good place to start.

4. Zipline tour at the Forest

Ziplining tour

The forest offers lots of enjoyable activities but the most popular amongst local and international travelers is the ziplining tour. This is where visitors ride on cables stretched between two elevated points hanging on a pulley and a bar of attachment. Riders are moved by gravity. To enjoy a ride, make your booking at theforest.co.ke

Other activities which you would find enjoyable in Kenya include: –

5. Biking in Karura forest

6. Go hiking in Ngong’ hills

7. Take a boat ride in Rusinga Island

8. Go on safari at Safari walk

9. Sample exotic cuisine

10. Take running training in Iten

Running trainers

For athletics training in Kenya, Iten is the preferred place to be. Unfortunately, the venue flocks with seasonal runners preparing for major competitions every other year. If you want to run with the best of the best, get to Iten at any time of the year.