Best Real Estate Agents in Kenya

Real estate companies in Kenya

Did you know that for 100K you could buy a prime piece of land in Kenya? Unknown to many Kenyans, there are lots of counties where land still retails for very low prices. Question is, are they genuine parcels? And if they are, are they in prime positions? In this article we list some highly regarded real estate agents/property managers who you can trust and grow your investments with.

To begin with;

Villa Care Limited

This company manages/sells some of the most prime parcels of land/properties in Kenya and that impressive raise of bar has been made achievable by the company’ focus in quality and tailored services to its local and international clients. In the past few years Villa care has recorded steady growth in the Industry. Isn’t that an indication enough that it is a realtor to consider when on the lookout for property investment? Click here to go to their website for some very impressive offers.

Hass Consult

You can’t walk for 5 minutes; in town, upper hill or westlands without spotting a property or vacant land that is not managed by Hass Consult. On the same breath, you can’t walk into Hass consult offices and come out least inspired about making that long anticipated property investment. Because this company isn’t your ordinary real estate partner, it is the best realtor in town. And that’s if we talk about its 25+ years serving Kenyans in property management consultancy, residential and commercial property lettings and land sales. In whichever dimension, this company remains a leader in the industry. Click on their website to log inquiries about their latest properties

Optiven Enterprise Limited

This company has made a name for affordable land sales and convenient location of properties it manages. Its projects are futuristic and tailor-made for all Kenyan and international investors to fit in. If you are looking for the best deals with unbeatable qualities then you most certainly would want to give this company a top priority.

Cretum properties

This is a local company with some interesting local deals. Would you want to own property in Nanyuki? They have a campaign running for 50×100 parcels selling for 250,000/=. Check their website for more info.

Other real estate companies to consider dealing with include: –


  1. Lake Estate Agency
  2. Kisumu Property Management Company
  3. West Kenya Real Estate


  1. Ocra Realtors Ltd
  2. Point A Commercial Agencies
  3. Jojeans Property Ltd
  4. Damka Properties
  5. Houslink Real Agents
  6. Summit Commercial Agencies


  1. Mombasa real estate agencies LTD
  2. Arkaan Properties
  3. Benford Homes
  4. KRUUS Properties
  5. Tazama real estate agents
  6. Myspace properties Kenya
  7. Tristar Property Management