The Best Cancer Hospitals in Kenya

Best cancer hospitals in Kenya

Let’s face it! While most level five hospitals in the country now fulfil cancer care, not all of them are as dedicated as the alternatives which we will discuss in this article. In fact, cancer patients are neglected in a good number of institutions in this country than we ever open a lip to condemn.

I have been a victim. I did not complain because I did not know anything about the disease or if it can be managed in better ways. My patient died. You too shouldn’t lose a loved one when the pain can be managed. Here’s a list of some of the best and easily available cancer care centers in the country. To begin with: –

1. Texas Cancer Center

Located in Nairobi’s Hurlingham estate along Argwings Kodhek road, Texas offers both inpatient and outpatient services. Their services include screening, imaging, radiation and chemotherapy. As hard as it is to believe, they treat cancer patients better with advanced treatment that should otherwise be found in India. If ever you need cancer medical services that you can trust, this is the place.

2. Aga Khan University Hospital Located in the suburban Parklands estate of Nairobi, Aga Khan remains the best hospice choice for many Kenyans. They have well trained cancer care nurses and the best pain management unit that work together to make patients believe in the possibility of cure. Should you need world class care for your patient, make Agha Khan University hospital your very first choice.

3. Cancer Care Kenya offers the best oncology services in the country. Besides that intriguing title, they also provide screening, diagnostics and treatment options which go further to radiation, palliative care, surgery and chemotherapy treatments. Cancer Care Kenya is part of Nairobi’s M.P Shah Hospital in Parklands.

4. The Nairobi Hospital Cancer treatment center is located in upper hill along valley road Nairobi. The hospital is dedicated to cancer services only for both inpatient and outpatient clients. With the greatest and most recent treatment innovations, the hospital tries to fast track its cues with services to save as many lives as humanly and treatment machine possible. You can visit the hospital for radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy amongst other cancer treatment methods.

5.Ampath Oncology Institute Eldoret This hospital is privately part of the Moi Teaching and referral Hospital in Eldoret. They offer cancer drugs to the less fortunate amongst other cancer care and treatment options.

6. Kisumu Hospice

Based in Kisumu Hospital’s – Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and referral Hospital hospice offers cancer treatment and care option under the able hands of a palliative care doctor. Hospice has a satellite branch in Siaya District Hospital.

7. Beacon Health Services offers oncology and hematology services in Ngong’ road’s 5th Avenue in Nairobi. Other services offered include diagnostics support and chemotherapy.  

While there are cancer care centers now established in some of the major towns and cities, the government is still working its way up to build more regional hospitals. Did you know that Kericho County recently signed a deal to set up the best cancer hospital in Kenya? Now you know.