10 World-class Hotels in the Lakeside City of Kisumu, Kenya


The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.

A great quote there by George Bernard Shaw. But, while you may be convinced that taking a trip will guarantee some calm from home noises – the meow of cats, the barking of dogs and the squeaking of your 2 year old daughter’s broken bicycle wheels; if you don’t plan well for accommodation, your trip may turn out to be more a flaming hell than home was. Worse, if you make blind bookings only to walk into a hot hotel room without air-conditioning, with old ragged nets, musty beddings, blocked toilets, smelling of cold and mist and draining/peeling wall paints.

Is that what you’d like to escape home to? No? That’s what I thought.

Well, in this guide we will detail a list of the best budget hotels in Kisumu which you should consider booking when you plan to visit the lakeside city of Kisumu. Most of them should be within town but in the event that any of them is located out of Kisumu town, we will show you some of the best transport routs and the cost to getting to the hotel.

We wish you the best in your stay and don’t forget to review them for future guest experiences. Remember, you word count in how future guests are served. Here we go

1. Wigot Gardens Kisumu

Wigot Gardens Kisumu

As its name suggest in Luo, Wigot (On top of the hill), is a magnificent budget hotel built on top of the beautiful Kajulu hills – overlooking the breezy Lake Victoria. Wigot gardens pride in offering luxury comfort and high altitude lifestyle. Besides magnificent décor, the nice garden looks finished with matured palm trees flowers and other plant and tree species; the hotel has lots of incredible amenities. Talk of an in-house pool,  3 conference rooms and boardrooms, 2 restaurants, spacious rooms – all with study table, flat screen TV’s, bathtubs and coffee makers. If this is not pure Bliss, then I don’t know what is. The proximity of the hotel from town is 5.2 KM, that’s 16 minutes’ drive.

2. Twiga Sanctuary Kisumu

Twiga sanctuary Kisumu
Photo by Airbnb

Located in Kisumu’s posh Neighborhood, Milimani estate, Twiga sanctuary is a home away from home. The building is an old residential house turn hotel with giraffe welded statues in the compound hence its name, Twiga (Giraffe). Its main rooms are finished with heavy wooden décor with large beds, large windows and even larger room spaces. Spaces like the ones you only find in presidential suites. Its garden is tranquil and quiet, except for the chirps of birds jumping around the compound singing the songs of good mornings. Visit twiga sanctuary and experience the beauty of rich African homes. The hotel proximity to town is 6 minutes on motorbike. 

3. Sovereign Hotel Kisumu

Sovereign Hotel Kisumu
Photo by sovereignhotel.co.ke

Technically, Sovereign is the best boutique hotel Kisumu. Located at a stone throw away distance from the lake, closer to the city state house and even more close to town; it is both secure, ideal for all types of travelers and cozy on the high end bargain. The hotel boast of exceptional customer service, lush gardens, an in-house swimming pool, a quaint restaurant and absolute room gorgeousness. In addition, it has a gym and a SPA making it 5 star. Doesn’t that sound like a place you’d like to visit? Here’s their website. Hotel to town – 10 minutes’ walk.

4. Pinecone Hotel Kisumu

Pinecone Hotel Kisumu
Photo from pineconehotel.co.ke

Pinecone hotel is a new executive hotel located in Tom Mboya estate Kisumu (5 minutes’ drive to the CBD); with top notch facilities and set to deliver world-class services to all its visitors. Amongst other incomparable amenities, Pinecone has 4 executive rooms, 2 suites 58 deluxe hotel rooms, a bar, 2 apartments, Wi-Fi, conference facilities and laundry services. To add on that, it has a beautiful swimming pool for all its visitors.

5. Imperial Express Kisumu

Imperial express
Photo by imperialexpress.com

Finally, the Imperial express. To talk about western Kenya hospitality and never mention Imperial Hotels is a bluff. This iconic name is as old as Macbeth – no, China – no, Antiquity. Yes antiquity is the word and Imperial express Kisumu is the name, the new addition to western Kenya hospitality scene. Built for serenity, convenience and ambience, the hotel seeks to provide modern experiences with accommodation, gastronomy, luxury and comfort. Find out more about this hotel on this link.

The list is endless but in this post we will put our full stop here. You can however check out these other mazing options on Google.

6.Rock resort – Located along – Kisumu Maseno road

7. Imperial Hotel – Located along Kenyatta avenue Kisumu

8. Acacia Premier Hotel – Located

9. Jumuia Hotel Kisumu – Located behind Tuskeys Supermarket

10. Milimani Holiday Resort

PS.  Some of the hotels numbered 6-10 may be way better than 1 to five or much more affordable. Find out on booking.com.