10 fun activities you didn’t know happen in Kenya

Paragliding in Kenya

When Kenya is sold to the outside world, it comes out as an excellent safari destination. A land of the Maasai people (that’s minus the 42 other tribes); a land of cattle and sheep and goats and men syphoning animal blood with straws, direct into their throats.

A land of great woodlands, sieged with wild animals. A land where you wouldn’t walk for 5 minutes and not meet dik diks, hyenas, antelopes and the Tanzanian cheetah – all walking together in harmony, except when the meat eaters are hungry.

To that showcase of greatness, I salute magical Kenya. However, Kenya has a sacred list of other magical activities you should check out… Continue reading “10 fun activities you didn’t know happen in Kenya”

Best cars to buy for KES 500,000 and lower: in Kenya

Used cars in Kenya
Toyota cars

There are lots of cheaper car options available in Kenya, in the price range of 200 and 500 thousand Kenyan Shillings. This is a sure thing. But the most common question is, what do I need to look for in determining if a second hand purchase is worth my while?

I say consider fuel consumption and the maintenance cost. But, really, are these two factors enough to decide if to make such impactful purchases… No? Yes? Continue reading “Best cars to buy for KES 500,000 and lower: in Kenya”

The Best Law firms in Kenya

Law court

Once, twice or sometimes for a lifetime (God forbid) you will find yourself in shit that needs the intervention of a lawyer for bailouts. It happens. When that time comes, use this list to get the best lawyer in town. You can also recommend the it to your friends.

And note that all the names and contacts are public information of some of the most sought advocates in Kenya. All ranking 5 star in their websites. Here we go…

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10 World-class Hotels in the Lakeside City of Kisumu, Kenya


The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.

A great quote there by George Bernard Shaw. But, while you may be convinced that taking a trip will guarantee some calm from home noises – the meow of cats, the barking of dogs and the squeaking of your 2 year old daughter’s broken bicycle wheels; if you don’t plan well for accommodation, your trip may turn out to be more a flaming hell than home was. Worse, if you make blind bookings only to walk into a hot hotel room without air-conditioning, with old ragged nets, musty beddings, blocked toilets, smelling of cold and mist and draining/peeling wall paints.

Is that what you’d like to escape home to? No? That’s what I thought. Continue reading “10 World-class Hotels in the Lakeside City of Kisumu, Kenya”

Genuine Laptops under KES 30,000 in Kenya

Best laptops under 30,000/= in Kenya

These are personal experiences.

In my lifetime, I have only bought two laptops and a desktop. All through store walk-ins, queries and direct purchase. My first laptop was a brand new Lenovo IdeaPad 305-15 – with the following specs – 15.6 inch wide screen, Intel core i5-5200U processor, storage – 1000 GB, 4 GB RAM, silvery outer cover, AMD Radeon graphics amongst other incredible features for a first laptop. In this purchase, I knew I got it right. And I walked out of Bright Technologies, Kimathi Street Nairobi feeling proud of my choice, not to mention how affordable the damn thing was. KES 50,000 ONLY. Plus 1 year warranty. Continue reading “Genuine Laptops under KES 30,000 in Kenya”

The Daughter of my Father

African woman

I believe in God, the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth… He will come again to judge the living and the dead…

Frank peered through the crevices on the cracked walls, of the dusty neglected room where the middle aged woman declaimed the apostle’s creed in pious devotion. She was on her knees. Palms open as if asking for divinity or maybe, for a considerable amount of the Holy Spirit to help vent her hunger on a demon she disdained. Continue reading “The Daughter of my Father”

Shedding The Tear of Loss

Gothic grave

We are in a funeral… I see someone I know. She is a friend of Mama’s. She is Rosaline. A devotee of the Holy Ghost faith. She is busy, busy washing utensils. I walk past her and smile. She smiles back…

I’m in a “matatu” ‘’a public service vehicle.’’ I’m dressed in a custom-made company shirt. It is white with blue cuffs protruding longer than my blue slim fit blazer’s.

I alight at bus station. To darkness. Blur and nothingness.

I’m back at the funeral. I don’t see my blazer anymore, but I can feel flip-flops under my feet.

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